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Christmas Joy - with a side of Grief

Posted on December 21, 2019 at 12:05 AM

If you know me then you know the Holidays are my favorite time of the year. November- January. So- this Holiday Season I thought I had made it to a place where “grief” wouldn’t bother me. Boy was I wrong. In the midst of the joy of the Season, the celebration of Jesus’ birth, looking forward to spending time with my oldest who was born on Christmas Eve, etc., grief, loneliness, the longing for family gatherings, tears, and sadness has crept in at times. In the midst of all the Holiday parties, gift exchanges, church services- grief still finds a way to kick in.

I began to tell myself what I’ve been telling other Widows- it’s okay to have your moment(s)..... even though it’s been 4 years- it’s okay to have your moment(s). Even though I thought I was past feeling like this- it’s okay to have your moment(s). So I’m telling you just like I’ve been telling myself- it’s okay to have your moment(s). It's okay that in the midst of all the joy of the Season, the laughter, the gifts, that a little sadness is there too. It’s also okay to celebrate Christmas in whatever way you feel comfortable with. If you don't feel like doind anything- IT's OKAY.

My sons and I plan on going out to eat on Christmas Day. If we don’t feel like it when the day comes- guess what? We won’t go. Do what makes you and your family feel good. This Christmas feels very different to me and I'm sure to some of you as well- Let's just roll with it.....

Merry Christmas,


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