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National Single Parents Day

Posted on March 21, 2019 at 9:55 AM

Did you know that today March 21 is Single Parent Day? I had no idea. Yeah back in 1984, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed this date “National Single Parents Day”. The late President stated, “many single parents in America are making valiant efforts on behalf of their children under trying circumstances.” After getting a divorce my late mother was thrust into single motherhood. She was by far the strongest woman I have ever known. It was three of us with myself being the oldest (I was 13 at the time). She dedicated her life to making sure we were taken care of. I commend her to this day for my upbringing.

No one that I know chooses to be a single parent. As a Widow I choose to use the phrase “solo parent” because I didn’t have a choice in this- it was given to me after my husband passed away. I don’t get breaks on the weekends, my sons don’t have visitation with their Dad, all of the decisions concerning them are left up to me and all of the support (emotionally, financially, etc.), comes from me. I will tell you in the unfortunate event that my late husband and I had gotten a divorce, he would still be an amazing Dad to our sons. He would have been there for them in every way because that’s the kind of Father he was. But I digress. This is what I want you to know- solo (single) parenting is difficult at times in general. If I’m honest there are days where I say what is the point in all of this- this is too much- I didn’t ask for this. Truthfully it can be overwhelming. If you know a solo (single) parent, offer your support, not your judgment. Try to help them in any way you can. Spend time with the children if you’re able. Simply put- just be there. I have to say I am so appreciative of the men who have stepped up to help me with my sons. They can’t replace their Dad (and they don’t try to), but they definitely make a huge positive difference in their lives. Also to all of the family and friends who have been right there with us. I appreciate you all.

Shout out to my fellow solo (single) parents. We are doing an amazing job! Keep going- I know all of our hard work will pay off after a while and the reward will be amazing!

Danyell Shaw

The overwhelming majority of single parents don’t choose single parenthood. Rather, it chooses them. Most of us don’t grow up wishing to parent alone, but because of circumstances, such as abandonment, divorce, and death, 23 million American children are being raised by a single parent. Across this nation, single mothers and fathers advocate, nurture, juggle and sacrifice on behalf of their children. Sometimes this means working extra shifts to afford music lessons, sacrificing vacation days to stay home with a sick child or passing on a promotion because it requires travel. Day in and day out, single parents selflessly put their own needs aside, often compromising sleep, self-care and leisure because of their commitment to their children.

Excerpt from Working Mother article


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Reply Tameka
8:30 AM on March 22, 2019 
I can certainly say it is very trying to be a solo parent. I was thrust into this when I took in a child for what was supposed to be a week, but over 2 years later, the child is still with me. I guess my greatest thought has come down to God I just trust You that I can do this. I prayer constantly over her and know that God is helping me all along the way. I guess that is truly what separates us from the rest, knowing that God is helping and keeping us all along the way. I am so appreciative as well for the helpers that God has given me. I always wanted to adopt children when I was growing up and although I still want to adopt others, I hope I will not be a solo parent then. God carries me through those frustrating days. Sometimes I just gotta stop and ask Him to help me right through here. I can only imagine how much more difficult it is to be a solo parent without a real relationship with God. Just grateful God is on our side!
Reply danyell[email protected]
9:46 AM on March 22, 2019 
Tameka, I absolutely agree with everything you have said. I couldn't imagine doing any of this without God- I couldn't even make it. I'll keep you in my prayers. God bless you.