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Posted on July 3, 2017 at 12:20 AM

For the first time ever I asked God to heal my sons and I. Before last night I had never asked that. I've prayed to God to help us through. I've asked God to give us strength to keep going. I've asked God to be a Father to my sons. But never had I prayed to God to heal us. I'm sure you're wondering WHY. Let me explain.

When you lose a loved one, one of your greatest fears is forgetting that person. You never want to forget him/her. So in my mind I felt if I asked God to heal me that I would forget about Pastor Shaw. I never want to forget him. My late husband was a blessing from God. He was an amazing husband to me and a loving father to our two sons. He was truly a blessed and anointed Man of God! We were married for 17 years. So I don't want to forget!

Now, find a scar on your body. Now touch it. Begin to press on it. Do you feel any pain? No. But do you remember the story behind the scar? Even if you got the scar when you were a child, you still remember how it happened. I have a scar on my forehead that I remember to this day how I got it. My little brother hit me in the head with his bottle. But I don't feel anymore pain. Ding, ding, ding!!!!! God can heal my family of this pain and still we won't forget! It's like a revelation! I won't forget about the love my late husband showed, how he was there with me during good and bad times. How he took care of our children. How he protected his family. I won't forget. It reminds me of a message that he preached entitled "I'm healed and I have the scars to prove it!"

I'm not exactly sure what this healing is supposed to be like. A very wise person told me that Healing is a Journey. I'm just grateful to God for growth. So, as I'm grieving while in motion (GWIM), I'm waiting for God to heal us. As we continue to adjust to our New Normal and continue to move forward, I'm grateful to know that God is there! He's never left us, neither has He forsaken us. Remember God is there with you also.

P.S. The scar story is from my Pastor. He spoke those words during one of his sermons. 

Danyell Shaw

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