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The day my life changed

Posted on June 14, 2017 at 4:00 PM

September 7, 2015…..

It was Labor Day, a holiday. The boys and I were at home because we were out of school. It was overcast outside, I remember. The sun wasn’t out. We woke up as usual but the day was strange it seems. It was just very different. We relaxed and were waiting for my sister and her family to come by so we could start barbequing. They came over and my brother in law begin to cook out on the deck.

My husband and I were in our bedroom and I was sitting on the bed and he was kneeling beside the bed praying. I looked over at him and I noticed he was looking at me. I think I smiled. I turned away and started doing something on my phone. I looked back over at him and he was looking at me again. This happened one more time. At that point I asked him, was he okay or did he say something. He said he was okay, that he didn’t say anything, or that he was thinking aloud. I don’t remember.

When I think back on that, I feel like he knew and that maybe he was praying for me and the boys. After he finished praying, he said he was going to the gym and he was going by himself. Which was odd because that is something that he and the boys would usually do together. Nevertheless, he kissed me goodbye and told me that he loved me.

To be continued........

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