Widows Voice

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Welcome to Widows Voice online. Widows Voice is about giving widows a voice to speak, to get out what they are truly feeling inside, to encourage and to uplift. When a husband dies, most widows are forgotten about. 

The first few weeks, every one is calling, coming by, asking if you and your children need anything. After those few weeks, you're on your own. It's very sad. I myself have lost so many "friends" since my husband has passed away. Unfortunately this is the reality for most widows and their children. 

When this happens you realize that God is the only "Constant" in your life. God will always be there. He tells us in His Word that He'll never leave you or forsake you! I want to speak these truths and let Widows know that your feelings are valid, you're not losing your mind. And that you can make it with Gods grace!

Danyell Shaw